Summer Internship Program

Tommy O’s Northern Stars Playhouse is unique among summer theaters, not only for its efforts to combine professionals and amateurs alike in plays and musicals, but also for its comprehensive educational opportunities. These opportunities are available to people of all ages and include apprenticeships, internships, and lessons and workshops.


For students and adults who have an interest in theater and want to learn more about what goes on behind-the-scenes. They have the option of choosing one area in particular to dedicate their time. Apprentices will spend 5-10 hours per week engaged in projects and study. It is an unpaid position; however, what apprentices earn in experience and knowledge is of far more value than money. Areas of apprenticeship include stage management, lights/sound, scenic, wardrobe, facility, box office, administrative, and marketing.


To be considered for the internship, one should be a high school graduate, college student or recent graduate who is pursuing a career in theater or the performing arts. High school students of superior caliber will also be considered. Interns will be engaged both onstage and off, and like apprentices, will choose an area of production for in-depth study. Interns will commit 10-20 hours per week to projects and study and may receive a small stipend for their involvement.

If you are interested, contact Tom at 715-356-0003 or

Upon acceptance into the program, interns will be asked what technical aspect of the company they would prefer to learn. Depending on the needs of each area, interns will then be assigned to one of the following

  • Scenic/Props/Changeover
  • Lighting/Sound
  • Wardrobe
  • Make-up
  • Box Office/Concessions
  • Administrative
  • Stage Management

At the designated “tech” times, interns will observe the professionals working in these different areas. It is important they take in depth notes and pay close attention as they will be asked to assist at some point during the season, especially SM, BO and Wardrobe.


Interns will report to the Scenic Charge. Observing the art of set construction, painting, and gathering of properties, apprentices in this field will help to maintain prop and set storage, as well as changing the scenic elements between productions.


Interns will closely observe the Tech Director in design, focus and execution of instruments. They will also learn the fine art of instrument care and repair. Interns may be asked to run light and sound cues, or spotlight during performances.


Interns will receive first hand training in the costuming of a show. Basic skills acquired include cast measurements, shop organization, sewing, matching pieces, aiding in design.

Make-up, hair and other cosmetic skills

Highlights and shadows, old age and basic character to begin with, then branching out into other realms.

Box Office & Concessions

These are some of the first people the patrons will greet when they arrive. It is important to these interns to be professional, courteous and gracious toward our patrons. Interns will assist in ticket sales, food and beverage service, house management, curtain speeches and ushering.


These apprentices will observe the management of the theatre, gaining an intriguing look into what takes to operate this type of business. Interns may assist in clerical work, office duties, and other business-related activities.

Stage Management

These interns will be assigned certain tasks by the SM that must be completed for each performance. These may include setting the stage, calling cues, running crew, etc.


A special area for this first year of the program will be facilities. The playhouse itself will be the subject of some much needed renovations and improvements. Interns who are interested in the area of facility management, beautification, and grounds keeping are encouraged to apply. They will observe and learn skills in building trades, painting, proper lawn care, restoration, and reusable resources.

Interns will have a specific area to which they will devote the majority of their focus. However, they have the opportunity to become familiar in all areas of production.

In accordance with Curriculum:
(Requirements to be filled in upon acquisition of state requirements for internships and college credit.)


  • Acceptance into the Summer Internship Program is determined by the following:
  • You are a college student between the ages of 19 and 23*, and are currently enrolled in college/university coursework. Private, public, junior & community-enrolled students are all encouraged to apply.
  • *23 being the standard age at college graduation; for post-military and other non-traditional students, exceptions may be possible.
  • You are majoring in theatre arts with any emphasis. Consideration will also be given to those majoring in speech/communications with drama emphasis and theatre minors.
  • Non major/non minors will be considered on a case to case basis if heavily based on involvement in extra-curricular activities.
  • You live, or can find co-habitation within commuting distance of the theatre. Tommy O’s Northern Stars Playhouse cannot supply room and board nor travel stipend for apprentices or interns at this time. Only in extremely rare circumstances may housing be provided.

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