The “TA-DA!” Apprenticeship Program

It is the mission of the “TA-DA!” to instill a high standard of accomplishment, respect, and interest in the dramatic arts; and that its members in turn give back to their communities, programs, and fellow artists, the knowledge and wisdom they have gained from their experiences.

Welcome all, to “TA-DA!” -or- The Apprentices of the Dramatic Arts at Tommy O’s Northern Stars Playhouse! Whether you’re a newcomer or stalwart veteran of the stage, if you have an interest in or love of all things theatre, and want to learn more than this is the program for you! During your apprenticeship you’ll gain knowledge and experience in a number of different areas of production:

  • The staging and preparation of a professional play/musical
  • The development of sets, costumes, lighting and props
  • The thrill of performing for a live audience

You will be right in the middle of the action, whether it’s assisting the director(s), operating the light/sound equipment or even performing alongside the resident company!  As a member of “TA-DA!” opportunities will abound such as…

  • Assisting the Stage Manager during performance
  • Selling concessions and/or souvenirs
  • Taking part in workshops and lessons* on a range of topics from character work to make-up to box office

As an apprentice you will learn the fine art of public interaction, developing work ethic, and foster social skills with patrons and as a member of a team, that will aid you in the years to come. The commitment you make to “TA-DA!” is both educationally beneficial as well as time wise, allowing flexible scheduling around work and previously scheduled engagements.**

The Nitty-Gritty…

The Apprentices of the Dramatic Arts program is divided into two separate entities:

  • Junior Apprentice – For high school-aged students, 14-18 years of age, who are interested in theatre, but haven’t found opportunity; also for drama students who wish to augment their experience by learning from professionals in the field.  Pending approval from school administrators, this apprenticeship may be used toward one fine arts credit in accordance with state and national curriculum.
  • Senior Apprentice – For college-level students and adults, aged 19 and up.  The Senior Apprentice should be somebody who has an interest in theatre and all that it entails, and has a desire to learn more.  (For those studying theatre as a profession, please see the INTERNSHIP page.)


Apprentices are expected to engage in workshops, work-calls and other activities for a period of 4 weeks. This can take place at anytime from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Apprentices are welcome to devote more time if they so desire. The apprenticeship is unpaid, so we will be flexible with those who are employed elsewhere.


Complete rules and guidelines to a safe and professional atmosphere can be found in the NLP handbook.  Underage consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any act of harassment be dealt with swiftly, and will most likely result in termination of contract.

While we are here to work and to learn, more importantly we’re to enjoy what we are doing and have fun! Throughout the season, any social events that take place would not be complete without the attendance of our apprentices! The Apprentices of the Dramatic Arts and Tommy O’s Northern Stars Playhouse a wait! If you are interested in applying or have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Tommy at 239-867-6721 or email :

*Individual lessons in acting, singing, movement are available for apprentices, pending availability of resident company members. All teaching artists charge a personal fee per lesson.

**If cast in a production, attendance is mandatory for all scheduled rehearsals and performances.

Introducing Some of Our Actors


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