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Evening (7:30 pm): July 6, 12, August 3, 11, 16 Matinee (2:00 pm): June 24, 28, July 19, August 8,19  The Beverly Hillbillies is a classic American comedy series that originally aired for nine seasons from 1962 to 1971 and was the first television series to feature a "fish out of water" genre. The series was about the Clampett family. The Clampetts […] 


Evening (7:30 pm): June 20, 30, July 21, 31, August 10, 14,15 Matinee (2:00 pm): July 1,12, August The fun loving monks of St. Bernard's monastery are in a jam. Abbot Costello and his four beleaguered brethren have just learned that a real-estate developer is about to turn their monastery into a gambling hall called Bernie's Casino Royal. Unless the Merry Men […] 


Evening (7:30 pm): June 21,  July 14, 19 August 6, 7, Matinee (2:00 pm): June 27,  July 5, 15 August 1, There has been a murder at the Renaissance Faire! "SURELY YOU JEST" This Original play by Eunice Lockard once again brings the charmingly colorful characters, Zita and Zinnia to the spotlight as an un-funny Jester sparks curiosity and intrigue...Of course they can't resist the […] 


Evening (7:30 pm): June 22, 27, July 7, 20, August 2, 18 Matinee (2:00 pm): July 8, 18, August 9   Thomas Jefferson Truesmith is no exactly the Marine he's been writhing home about. Now he is going home and  his mother and fiance' have planned a hero's welcome...along with everyone else in his small hometown.  He has a decision to make...does he tell them […] 


Evening (7:30 pm): July 11, 13, Matinee (2:00 pm): August 2, 12, 15 Come and enjoy the music, sights, and sounds of the Las Vegas Strip with TOMMY O and featured guest artists APRIL LEANNA and BECKY STRASBURG along with the magic of  "THE AMAZING ZACHMAN". Remember...Whatever plays in Vegas...doesn't necesserily stay in Vegas!!  


Evening (7:30 pm): June 23, 29, July 5, 18, August 4, 8, 13 Matinee (2:00 pm): July  11, 22, August 16 The story of marriage is the center of I DO! I DO! an intimate and nostalgic work by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones. (The Fantastics) The show begins with Michael and Agnes on their wedding day.  We watch as they go […] 


FAMILY SHOW: Children $5, all other ages $10! Tuesdays at 11:00 am June 26, July 3, 10, 17, 31 August 7, 14 After Alice follows a rabbit down a hole she is brought into the magical world of Wonderland! She is told about a task she must perform, and she does not believe she is the right person to fulfill the […] 

Renaissance Festival

July 27,28,29 2018 Friday & Saturday from 10am-6pm Sunday from 10am-4pm Most Honored Guests, Welcome to Great Woods of Cumberland County, England. The year is 1501 and Henry VII is still in power. We are moving out of the darkness of the Middle Ages and into rebirth (or “Renaissance”). This is a fantastical time of innovation, merriment and exploration […] 

KC Hofer

KC Hofer is from the Black Hills of South Dakota. He started doing at theatre at a very young age and has worked with many companies as a performer in Rapid City, South Dakota, including the Firehouse Brewing Company Theatre, Black Hills Community Theatre, The Journey Museum, and the ACTs Association. While studying theatre at the University of South […] 

Joshua Engelhardt

Josh is so excited to work this summer with Tommy O’s Northern Stars Playhouse. Josh is a recent graduate from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy of New York, where he studied Musical Theatre and Acting. He is thrilled to work with such a welcoming, and talented cast of artists! Some of Josh’s favorite roles […] 

Introducing Some of Our Actors


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