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Evening (7:30 pm): June 21,  July 14, 19 August 6, 7, Matinee (2:00 pm): June 27,  July 5, 15 August 1, There has been a murder at the Renaissance Faire! "SURELY YOU JEST" This Original play by Eunice Lockard once again brings the charmingly colorful characters, Zita and Zinnia to the spotlight as an un-funny Jester sparks curiosity and intrigue...Of course they can't resist the […] 

Kaleidoscope Theater Camp

Kaleidoscope Theater Camp is an awesome, colorful theatrical experience that embraces the entire social awareness spectrum. July 17-29, 2017 This year's play will be a blast! "The Treasure of the Tie-Dyed Tiger" begins with a secret society that encounters an unexpected mystery. The journey takes them to a psychedelic wiseman who shows them what friendship is all about. Staff will create […] 

Introducing Some of Our Actors


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