Kaleidoscope Theater Camp

Kaleidoscope Theater Camp is an awesome, colorful theatrical experience that embraces the entire social awareness spectrum. July 17-29, 2017

This year’s play will be a blast! “The Treasure of the Tie-Dyed Tiger” begins with a secret society that encounters an unexpected mystery. The journey takes them to a psychedelic wiseman who shows them what friendship is all about.

Staff will create an inclusive learning environment to meet the needs of young people at all levels of experience. In a fun and exciting way, kids will learn about and participate in all aspects of theater, including both on and off stage components.

Why do actors need lines and have to memorize them? How does it feel to stand center stage? What really goes into putting on a play? step into the spotlight and you will shine as you discover auditioning,vocal projection, movement, blocking, and following direction.

How does a spotlight work? How do you build a set? What the heck is a prop? Explore the exciting backstage world through stage management, lighting, sound, costumes, makeup, set design, and running crew.

Games and activities will include basic exercises for the body and mind, group role-playing, improvisation, team-oriented games, and more! These activities are designed to open up the creative mind and help improve social awareness, build positive peer relationships, promote teamwork, and develop a sense of community. Most importantly, campers will have a great time while engaging in positive social interactions in a fun learning space!

Kaleidoscope Theater Camp is a 2-week program with learning sessions taking place weekday mornings 9am-12pm. The program closes with a Saturday performance day, featuring a dress rehearsal, a picnic lunch, and a public performance designed to show off everything the campers learned!

Camp runs Mondays through Fridays 9am – 12pm. Ages 7 – 17 welcome. The cost for this great experience is only $125 per child.

To register, click on this link, fill out this registration form and email it to kaleidoscopetheatercamp@gmail.com. For more information, call 605-415-2449.

Dates: : July 17 – 21 and July 24 – 28.  Performance July 29th at 1:00 pm

Price: $125 per participant     Maximum participants: 25     Registration deadline: July 1, 2017


  1. jane Baker:

    I have 3 girls that would like to attend the day camp. How do we sign up?

    • tommyo:

      Jane, I’m not sure if you have been contacted yet. Please call Rory Behrens at 651-769-5447. He will get them registered and give you any additional info that you need.

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