Tommy O: 1940’s Songs

2016 4x4 40's pxlEvening (7:30 pm):
July 13, August 11, 13, 19
(2:00 pm):
July 6, 28, 31

Let TOMMY O transport you back to the swinging 1940’s – the days of Frank and Bing, Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman, Ella and Billie, Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole. The music of that time was rapidly developing as we went through WWII and back out: jazz, swing, blues and Big Band. TOMMY O plucks some time-honored favorites from this eclectic pool of music for a toe-tapping and entertaining evening. With April Leanna and Becky Strasburg.

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  1. Jeanie O:

    We are so blessed to have such fantastic talent in the north woods! It will be a long winter without you.

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