Tommy O: Fabulous Fifties


Evening (7:30 pm):
July 12, August 10, 12, 18
(2:00 pm):
July 5, 27, 30

From the big band music of the early 1950’s through doo-wop , country and blues influences, on into the rockabilly and folk of the late 50’s – the mood was optimistic, the music was fast, and the beat was swing-baby-swing. Crooners like Sinatra, Como and Patti Page slowly gave way to artists like Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Bill Haley. Teenagers weren’t “the kids” anymore. They had spare money and lots of energy so they bought records and danced. What they listened and danced to was rock & roll …. Re-live those fun and fast times with Tommy O and a little help from April Leanna and Becky Strasburg. Where do you find your thrill? On Blueberry Hill, or our very own Tommy O’s Playhouse!!

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