Renaissance Festival

renaissance-festival-logo-square_smJuly 27,28,29 2018
Friday & Saturday from 10am-6pm
Sunday from 10am-4pm

Most Honored Guests,

Welcome to Great Woods of Cumberland County, England. The year is 1501 and Henry VII is still in power. We are moving out of the darkness of the Middle Ages and into rebirth (or “Renaissance”). This is a fantastical time of innovation, merriment and exploration of new continents.

Our fair Queen has invited the entire county for a festival to celebrate Her Royal birthday. She will entice you with a chess match where you are the game piece and the winner shall receive her personal token; those of a lower class may learn the proper etiquette for being in her presence and later enjoy tea with Her Majesty.

You may spot a lost dragon in the Woods or a festive bagpiper marching along a path towards the lively dancing Deborah. Visit the Village Encampment and behold A Life Medieval, learn blacksmithing, or stoke the fires of the cooking pit. Be ready to help judge the combat as the Villagers and Guardsmen test their abilities… but beware thieves and undesirables!

Wear your best finery and you may win our costume contest. Enjoy a day of feasting, frivolity, games, and wondrous handmade crafts and wares. There is fun for every member of the family.

Let the merriment begin! Huzzah!

Free parking. You may purchase tickets in advance at the Tommy O’s Playhouse box office (715-356-0003) or at the gate.

Volunteers Needed for RenFest!
We are still looking for some extra hands to help us with this year’s Renaissance Festival. It will be bigger and better, much better, than last year but we could really use your help. 
We prefer you work 4-hour time slots at a minimum, but we can work with you for less. Duties run from construction in the days leading up to the festival, set-up day on Wednesday, and tons of things we need during the faire, like parking, ticket booth, bartender, games and museum helpers.

There is no time to lose! For more information contact the RenFest team at 715-356-0003 or 

Community groups and individuals are encouraged to participate, providing food, wares, music, or your special Renaissance talent. If you or your group is interested, contact Tom Organiscak at 715-356-0003 or Click on one of the links below for relevant forms and information.

Renaissance Festival Overview outlining Entertainment, Games, Food and Crafts that would be acceptable/desirable. If you have an idea that is not listed, send a suggestion to

VENDORS – Click the following links: Vendor Guidelines and Festival Vendor Application Contract

ENTERTAINERS – Click the following links: Festival Entertainer & Performer Info, Festival Entertainer & Performers Contract and Form W-9


  1. Brian:

    I am interested in participating next year, but am surprised that there is no specific FB page for the Ren event. It would be nice to have a spot where photos of the event could be posted, for others to see what it is, and how the event is set up on the grounds. Are there trees, is it just a field? What is the layout for the event. It would be helpful for artists and vendors to get a feel for the event. It sounds like a good time, but I would like to SEE what I’m getting into before committing to it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Jeff Rinehart:

    Myself and my friend showed up on Saturday. It was the first time either of us had been to an event like this. We had such a great time!! Everyone was was extremely friendly and very willing to talk about the festival. Many people were dressed up and looked very cool. I got picked to participate in Queens chess and it was awesome. Gave me the chance to meet two very nice young ladies dressed as witches both from Wausau and it was thier first time too. Thank you for hosting such a fun event! Can’t wait for next year. And we will be dressed for it next time. I hope to have a booth selling fish medieval style!

  3. Beverly:

    Is smoking allowed at this Renaissance venue?

  4. Kim Calkins:

    I have to say. Sounds like a marvelous time to be had. Have attended Bristol for the last 7years. Is any possibility of a schedule like they have? What I mean is consecutive weekends in September and October. Did not know about this venue but shall be there next year.

  5. Kristem:

    I enjoyed the lumberjack show.

  6. Laurie:

    Enjoyed the faire! Lovely day. The food and music was great. The material singers were wonderful. Hope it’s back next year.
    One suggestion…please lose the chainsaws. Do we not have enough events in the Northwoods featuring chainsaws? I couldn’t believe all those wonderful singers had to compete with roaring chainsaws. It rather ruined the tranquility of the moment and lent nothing to the period theme. Sorry, but it was annoying.

  7. Jodie Anderle:

    Will there be signs for adult areas vs. Children friendly?

    • Beth Jacobson:

      Not signs, but most of the events and activities are geared towards family fun. If the person running the event does not feel this would be appropriate for children, they will not allow them to participate or will warn you.

  8. Peggy:

    Where did you advertise for artists/crafters for the faire?

    • Beth Jacobson:

      From our Faire Director: “Hello, and thank you for inquiring about the Northwoods Medieval Faire. For some months leading up to the Faire, members of management attended local and regional craft shows, as well as the closest renaissance events, and made personal contacts with crafts vendors. In most cases we learned the vendors were booked 1-2 years in advance, although they were all friendly toward the idea of considering attending our event in the future. About two months before the event we advertised in regional newspapers, calling for vendors and entertainers to submit an application to attend. We received no response to this campaign. For next year’s event we’ll try to advertise where artists and crafters go for such information. If you have any suggestions, we would welcome them. Thanks again for asking”

  9. Becky Murphy:

    Do you have a printable schedule of the acts, so folks can decide what they want to see? Is there a map of the grounds? Any costume contests for attendees?

    • Beth Jacobson:

      From our Faire Director: Hello and thanks for your inquiry. We’ll have a map at the gate for all Faire Goers and may be able to post it online as of Tuesday or Weds this week. We hadn’t thought of a “best costume” activity but that’s a good idea so we’ll add it to the schedule of events. We’ll ask those who want to enter to allow us to take their picture and then around 2-3 in the afternoon we’ll look at all the photos and choose the best man and woman costume. Thanks again for your suggestion, and we hope to see you at the Faire!

      • Becky Murphy:

        Yay! But which day? We’ll be there Friday, and I’d hate to miss the costume contest. Will there be someone @the gate to register with?

        • Beth Jacobson:

          There will be a separate contest each day. We don’t have all the details worked out yet, but please indicate when you come through the gate that you’d like to enter and the gate person will tell you what to do.

  10. Rose:

    My husband will have knee surgery on Sept. 9th. He will be using a walker with rollers and a seat. Will this be doable or will it be very rough for him. We really want to come.

    • Beth Jacobson:

      Hello Rose. There will be quite a lot of walking and our grounds are not paved. We have gravel/hard dirt roads and the parking will be in a large field. If you have ever been to the playhouse, you know what our grounds are like – we have plenty of folks who come to a show using a walker; however, they are just getting to their seats and the sidewalk by the theater is paved. if he is in pain and not having great mobility yet, it’s probably best not to come. That would be your judgement call. If you end up staying home, we hope he recovers well and that you come next year!

  11. Valerie:

    I am SO excited for this event! My homeschooled-kids will be studying this time period soon and this will be just the thing to stir up their enthusiasm! I’m going to spread the word to other families!

  12. Robert:

    This sounds great and I hope the idea build and builds. Would love to see something like this come to our area every year and get bigger and bigger. I don’t have any medieval fair but was hoping there would be some good vendors at the faire where I might pick some up?
    I plan on bringing a group of friends with me that Saturday.

  13. Anita Wood:

    Is there a difference in ticket price if bought in advance for medieval fair? Also are the activities the same each day, I can’t make the entire fair, need to see what day what day would work the best, but I don’t want to miss anything.

    • Beth Jacobson:

      Hello, and thanks for your inquiry. The activities and entertainment at the Faire are the same for every day of the event. Also, with this being our first year, we didn’t consider a multi-day pass or anything similar. The ticket prices for this event are the same as for the Tommy O Playhouse theater season, and there is no discount for advance purchase. In future years, we will likely consider such a discount and also have tickets for sale at places like Trig’s and area banks. So if you are able to attend one full day, from 10 am until 4 pm, then you should be able to see everything.

  14. Karen:

    Can’t wait, sounds like a great time! We will be there to support the event!

  15. Becky Murphy:

    Is the First Annual Northwoods Medieval Fair anything like Bristol, or is it a play? How much are tickets?

    • Beth Jacobson:

      Yes, it will be similar to Bristol. It is our inaugural year, so we are just starting, but we hope people enjoy it and support it so that it builds each year. Ticket are the same as for any performance: Adults $18, Seniors (60+) $15, Youth (13-17) $10, Kids (under 13) $5. Any Tommy O’s ticket can be used for any performance or event.

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